Bring your character to life!
It just doesn’t seem fair to let your character languish in the perpetual unknown. They are a living, breathing entity inside of you, sealed away for all eternity by the cold shackles of reality. Now, thanks to the advances of graphics technology, vivid and realistic existance for your ideas is possible!

I can draw your character out of the dark recesses of your mind and teleport them into a world of 16 million colors. The fantasy of generations has been realized; and yet I only hold the pen.

You hold the key.

My name is Tobia.
I am offering $25 digitally-inked full-body character art, at 8×10 inches. That’s only about 20 cents per square inch! Payment is expected after you have agreed on a design to complete the project with, preferably by Paypal. All prices are in $USD.

Color pricing depends on the complexity of the picture, but this general price chart is a good place to start:

  • Flat Shading +$10
  • Cel Shading +$20
  • Advanced Shading +$40

Lineart has transparent or solid color backgrounds only. For background pricing:

  • Solid color +$0
  • Simple +$10
  • Detailed +$25

Additional characters are +$(lines+color)/2.  If you’re purchasing a reference sheet with a front and back view, the back view is +$(lines+color)/4.

It’s your character, and you have a right to correct me if I make a mistake, but please don’t nitpick.  You’re commissioning me because there is something about my art that you like, and because you know what your character should look like.  So please, be clear and concise when you send me a description. References are even more helpful! If you have any special requests that don’t fit into this pricing structure, like a different size or a different format, please don’t hesitate to ask me about them.

I reserve the right to publish any art I create on my website, social media accounts, and galleries.  It’s still your character, and you can do almost anything with the art that you like, short of claiming it as your own work.  You may resell the individual piece, but you may not put it on t-shirts or other merchandise and sell that (personal t-shirts are okay, though!)  I’m perfectly happy to negotiate a commercial design agreement if you would like to do any of these things.

When you’re ready to begin, head on over to the contact page to send me an email.